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Yamaha YS624T & YS624W Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Yamaha YS624T & YS624W Carburetor Rebuild Kit

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We stock genuine Yamaha carburetor rebuild kits for Yamaha YS624T and YS627W model snowblowers. If your snowblower's model name has any characters after the T or W, this is NOT the kit for you. This kit comes with the following parts, which typically wear out or go bad on these carburetors.

INCLUDED PARTS:              

Pilot adjusting screw Yamaha 620-14211-00-00
#40 pilot jet Mikuni #40
#100 main jet  Yamaha 3G2-14231-20-00
Needle valve Yamaha 7G0-14116-00-00
Float bowl gasket Yamaha 7G0-14184-00-00
Float bowl bolt gasket Yamaha 7G0-14227-00-00

The carburetor that the YS624T and YS624W came with from the factory, part number 7Y6-14501-01-00, retails for $386, so if your carburetor is able to be rebuilt, this is a far less expensive alternative to get your snowblower going again.

If you are not certain as to the exact model of your Yamaha, please contact us with your complete serial number before making your purchase. We will be happy to verify what you need.

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