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Yamaha Snoscoot 80 Kickstarter Fix Kit

Yamaha Snoscoot 80 Kickstarter Fix Kit

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We offer Sno-scoot slipping kick starter fix kits for the classic Yamaha Sno-scoot 80. The kit consists of all genuine Yamaha parts and includes the two clutch halves that wear out and cause your kick starter not to grab, along with the bushing that presses into the pinion gear (green part in pictures above). The three Yamaha part numbers included with this kit are 85G-15630-03-00, 14T-15657-00-00, and 90380-08201-00. This kit fits all 1988-1990 Yamaha Sno-scoot 80 models.

Please be aware that the included bushing has to be trimmed to length after it is pressed into the pinion gear. This can be done with a drill and 1/2" drill bit.

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