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Yamaha Bravo 250 Short Track

Yamaha Bravo 250 Short Track

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We offer high-quality replacement tracks for the 94 inch long Bravo short tracks reproduced for 1982-1992 USA models. The track is a duplicate of Yamaha part number 8R4-47110-00-00, which is a stock replacement part for all the Bravo models listed below. We stepped up to the plate and worked with a track manufacturer to make these tracks for us. It took 11 months of development and track tests, and we now have a durable track design that fits great. We are investigating fitment issues with Canadian model Bravos, and for now we are not selling to Canada. These tracks have an overall length of 94 inches, use a 4.08 inch drive pitch, and have 46 total windows.

  • 1982 Bravo BR250F
  • 1983 Bravo BR250G
  • 1984 Bravo BR250H
  • 1985 Bravo BR250J
  • 1986 Bravo BR250K
  • 1987 Bravo BR250L
  • 1988 Bravo BR250M
  • 1989 Bravo BR250N
  • 1990 Bravo BR250P
  • 1992 Bravo BR250S
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