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Kawasaki KDX200 / 220R / 250 Kickstand Kit

Kawasaki KDX200 / 220R / 250 Kickstand Kit

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We have put together a kickstand kit includes the kickstand, mounting bracket, spring, and mounting hardware, everything you need if your kickstand is missing. Bolt on this kickstand kit and you'll never have to find something to lean your bike on again! Please be aware that the mounting bolts for the kickstand bracket itself may be longer than stock on some models. The bolts are otherwise the same diameter and thread size and work properly.  

This kit will also bolt up to 1983-1990 KDX200 and KDX250 model motorcycles, but the length of the kickstand itself may have to be modified (bracket, mounting hardware, and spring are all the same, but the original kickstand, part number 34024-1263, is a different part number). If you have a 1983-1990 KDX200 or KDX250, please be aware that the stand itself may need to be shortened or lengthened to work properly. The length of this kickstand is between 15 and 15.5 inches long from mount hole to middle of foot.

This is a special order kit that typically ships in about 5 business days.


  • 1991-94 KDX250
  • 1995-06 KDX200
  • 1997-05 KDX220R
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