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Yamaha BW200 Swingarm Bushings & Adjuster Kit

Yamaha BW200 Swingarm Bushings & Adjuster Kit

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We offer DMO Specialties swing arm bushing and cam adjuster kits for all years of the BW200. This kit COMPLETELY replaces the original, discontinued Yamaha swingarm cam adjusters, bushings, and indexing caps that keep your swingarm in adjustment and your front drive chain tensioned (will NOT work in conjunction with stock cams, bushings, or caps). This kit also comes with an ingenious cam adjustment lever that ties the two cams together, making even adjustment easy.

All the beautifully machined parts are made right here in the US and solves a big problem with these bikes. The total adjustment is .25 in / 6mm, which is more than a stock BW200. While the OEM cap has 2 settings, full forward, and full back, these DMO kits are divided into 6 increments of adjustments.

Click HERE to see the manufacturer's detailed installation instructions.

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