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Yamaha Snosport 125 Fuel Primer Kit

Yamaha Snosport 125 Fuel Primer Kit

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We offer fuel primer kits for Yamaha Sno-sports. As the factory choke feature on the Sport is actually a fuel enricher circuit, and the stock choke plunger has been discontinued (part number 5V7-14171-00-00), this is your cold-start solution. Our kit comes with everything needed to install the kit, which is pictured to the left (included choke plunger block-off plug not shown) and it works on both years of the Sno-sport.


To install the kit, remove your choke cable and plunger in the carburetor, and insert our choke block-off plug, screwing the cap on snugly to seal off the chamber. Next install the included T-fitting in line just before the fuel pump, install the primer pump in the dash panel where the choke cable mounted, and install the included machined spacer plate between the intake boot and reed cage with the included gaskets and bolts. Connect the T-fitting to the fuel-in port on the pump (labeled on the diagram below), and then the "fuel out" port to the pre-installed fitting on the aluminum spacer plate and you're ready to go! It's that simple!

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