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Yamaha Snoscoot 80 Seat Pan

Yamaha Snoscoot 80 Seat Pan

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We offer replacement seat pans for the classic 1988-1990 Yamaha Sno-scoot 80. Lots of Sno-scoot riders asked for replacement seat pans, so we made it happen. These pans are made from a durable HDPE plastic that is form fitting to the Sno-scoot and based on the original Yamaha base pan, which was never offered by Yamaha separately from the whole seat assembly.

Our seat pans come as a kit and require use of your factory seat latch. If your seat latch is no longer usable, we offer replacements SEPARATELY. These pans are very good quality, but as they are hand made, and Sno-scoot frames are rarely perfectly straight, they do require fitting and adjusting before installing your foam and cover (sold separately).

This kit comes with the pan itself (currently blue colored), required mounting hardware, stainless steel locator pins, and rubber bumpers. What this means is that each pan will require individual fitment to your frame, so when you receive it, you will have to drill the 1/2", 1/4", and 3/16" holes required to mount the locator pins, rubber bumpers, and seat latch. We also provide enough spacers for the latch to fine tune the fit before you install your foam and seat cover. 

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