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Yamaha Snoscoot 200 Primary Clutch Weights

Yamaha Snoscoot 200 Primary Clutch Weights

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We offer primary clutch weight sets (clutch rollers) for 2018-2019 Yamaha Sno-scoot 200 models. These machines came from the factory with 18 gram (each) clutch weights, but we also offer 10 and 6 gram weights, which cause the clutch to engage at a higher RPM than the stock weights. This is especially useful if you are in a higher elevation where the engine isn't able to make as much power as at lower RPMs (less oxygen).

We offer the 18 gram Yamaha weights that are typically on the shelf. The 14 and 10 gram weights typically take about 5 business days to get from the factory before we are able to ship. Please select the weights you need below.

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