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DMO Specialties

Yamaha BW350 Intake Manifold Kit

Yamaha BW350 Intake Manifold Kit

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We offer DMO Specialties intake manifolds for both years of the BW350. This kit replaces the discontinued original Yamaha carburetor mounting flange, part number 2JN-13586-00-00.

Our kit includes:

  • Beautifully machined aluminum carburetor mounting flange
  • Boyesen rubber intake boot
  • Required mounting O-ring and spacer, and
  • Required bolts and tube clamps.

If your carburetor mounting flange is dried out and cracked, this is the only way to go! It should be noted that the OEM carb does fit loosely on the rubber boot. We are using the recommended boot by the supplier, and have not yet found a better fitting boot at this time. For most folks, it has not been a problem.

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