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Yamaha BW350 Left Handlebar Switch Pod Assembly

Yamaha BW350 Left Handlebar Switch Pod Assembly

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The stock Yamaha BW350 handlebar switch pod assembly, part number 2JN-83973-08-00, was recently discontinued, so we came up with an alternate solution. What we came up with is another genuine Yamaha switch that has the same functions, but does have some differences. Our switch has a different style modular connector, 3 wires of a different color, and a sliding ON/OFF switch that needs one wire moved to another terminal. We dare say that this is a job for those with at least a little bit of electrical experience, a soldering iron, and heat shrink. THIS IS NOT A PLUG-AND-PLAY PART, but a part that will have to be either spliced to the stock harness directly, or spliced to the stock switch's modular and bullet connectors. The table below shows which wires to connect to each other.

Yellow Yellow
Green Green
Blue Blue
Red/white stripe Red/white stripe
Black Black/white stripe
Yellow/red stripe Brown
Blue/white stripe Black

As mentioned above, there is one other discrepancy with this switch compared to the stock part. With the original BW350 switch, two wires are disconnected in the OFF position, but with our replacement switch, before modification, the equivalent wires are connected in the OFF position. That means that for the switch to be labeled correctly, you must move the black/white stripe wire to the unused connection terminal on the internal switch block, as shown below. If you do not do this, the machine will remain ON when in the OFF position, which is a user hazard. Below we have a diagram showing exactly what needs to be moved. If you have any questions about the installation of this switch, please contact us.

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