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Yamaha BW200 Foot Pegs

Yamaha BW200 Foot Pegs

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Genuine Yamaha replacement footpeg assemblies for all years of the Yamaha BW200. The right peg that we offer is a stock peg for the BW and is Yamaha part number 15A-27420-02-90. The left footpeg assembly is an alternate Yamaha part that we've been able to verify fits the BW200 as the stock Yamaha part number has been discontinued. The only difference between our footpeg and bracket assembly and the stock one is that our peg assembly has an extra heel guard that the stock peg did not. As you can see in the photos, it bolts right up. Some riders may find that they prefer to remove the additional guard. The left footpeg is a replacement for Yamaha part number 15A-27410-00-90.

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