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Yamaha Bravo 250 Ski Wear Bars - 3 Stud

Yamaha Bravo 250 Ski Wear Bars - 3 Stud

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We stock quality aftermarket ski wear bars for all years of the Yamaha Bravo 250. We offer Sno Stuff brand standard steel wear bars (no carbide or hardweld bead), and Woody's brand hardweld / carbide steel wear bars. The Woody's carbide bars have 4" of 60° carbide, 1.5" of flat carbide at the front, and hardweld bead on the bottom of the rest of the skag for a long life. As there are two different groups of Bravo years and models that these wear bars are for, please be sure to select the appropriate wear bars below.

  • 1982 BR250F Bravo
  • 1983 BR250G Bravo
  • 1984 BR250H Bravo
  • 1985 BR250J Bravo
  • 1986 BR250K Bravo
  • 1987 BR250L Bravo
  • 1988 BR250M Bravo
  • 1989 BR250N Bravo
  • 1990 BR250P Bravo
  • 1992 BR250S Bravo
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