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Sno-Scoot / Sno-Sport replacement ski spindles

Sno-Scoot / Sno-Sport replacement ski spindles

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We offer replacement spindle bushings for all years of the Sno-Scoot 80cc and Sno-Sport 125cc. These bushings are made from 304 stainless steel, and fit well in the spindle. These replace the unavailable spindles that are part numbers: Sno-Sport - 90387-101W2-00 and Sno-Scoot - 90387-082U2-00.

8mm center holes are for Sno-Scoots running OEM skis, or Sno-Sports running Scoot skis.
10mm center holes are for Sno-Sports running OEM Sport skis, or it is a popular size for the mounting bolt of aftermarket skis if you have found a way to attach them. They are sold in pairs. 

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