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Sno-Scoot Aluminum Rear Flap / Tunnel Replacement

Sno-Scoot Aluminum Rear Flap / Tunnel Replacement

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We offer mini-tunnel style track covers for the classic Yamaha Sno-scoot. The original Yamaha snow flap that always breaks, part number 85G-77564-00-00, has been discontinued, so we have these trick track covers fabricated out of 0.080" thick aluminum.

This part mounts to the frame itself and looks sharp on any Scoot! To keep pricing down, this part comes in bare aluminum and includes four simple screw-type mounting clamps. This tunnel kit fits all 1988-1990 Yamaha Sno-scoot 80 models with stock length tracks.

When mounting kit, you will want to remove the plastic body panel and unbolt the lower shock mount. This will allow you to swing the track down out of the way to install the mounting clamps.

This part WILL NOT fit with long tracks.

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