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Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Ski Carburetors

Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Ski Carburetors

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We offer Honda carburetor replacement kits for all Mini-Z 120 snowmobiles. Since the original carburetors are no longer available, but Honda supplied them to Ski-doo, we put together these kits to replace the stock carburetors on the Mini-Z. The two carburetors we sell have a slightly different configuration than the factory units, so the kit for 1998-2000 models come with a replacement #68 main jet and #35 pilot jet.

The kits for 2001-2008 models come with a replacement #62 main jet and #35 pilot jet to match the stock jetting. You will have to install these jets before installing the carburetor. Below we have provided pictures showing where the jets are located and how to access them.

Please also be aware that these kits also eliminate the stock cable operated choke feature on your snowmobile (no carburetors are still available from Honda with the same style choke cable connection). These kits come with a carburetor body mounted lever, so you will have to open the hood to engage and disengage the choke, but this is better than having to park your Mini-Z FOREVER!

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