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Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Fuel Primer Kits

Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Fuel Primer Kits

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We offer fuel primer kits for all 1998-2008 Ski-doo Mini-Z snowmobiles. This kit is a great way to make it easy to fire up your sled when it's very cold. With our kit installed, a quick pump of the primer squirts a tiny bit of raw fuel right into the intake through our billet aluminum carburetor spacer, and a pull of the pull rope will fire your machine right up. Our kit comes with everything needed for installation other than a couple zip ties. We have provided installation instructions below, but please contact us if you have questions. 

Installation Instructions:

  • Slide the carburetor and carburetor spacer off of the engine mounting studs. Thread the new studs into the engine block and slide one of the included new gaskets onto the studs, then the original carburetor spacer and another gasket. Slide the end of the included 1/8" diameter primer tube onto the included aluminum spacer and just let the tube hang. DO NOT YET CUT THE TUBE.
  • Next install another new gasket and slide the carburetor on. At this point, you can tighten the nuts onto the studs and fasten the assembly securely.
  • Next, you will have to make cut the fuel outlet line (drain the tank first) and install the plastic "T" fitting included in this kit. Slide the other end of the blue primer line to the T-fitting and feed the doubled tube over to the right side engine compartment. You will not have to drill a 3/4" hole next to the hole that the choke cable is installed. If you have one of our replacement Honda carburetors, you may be able to use the same hole as the original choke cable. With the hole drilled (if need be), fee the fuel line through the hole and cut it so 2" stick out of the hole.
  • Pull the hole back through the hole and fasten the included primer hand pump with the included nut and lock washer.
  • With this in place, you can now install the two fuel lines. Be sure to install the line going to the carburetor spacer to the center outlet on the pump. The picture to the left shows which connection is for which line.
  • With this done, use zip ties (not included) to ensure that the fuel lines will not hit anything hot or sharp.

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