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Ski-Doo Gen5 LED Signal Lights

Ski-Doo Gen5 LED Signal Lights

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New Innovative LED Signal Lights for hand guards provide style and has potential to replace hand signals. With an integrated switch on the console, riders can access three colors and four modes to message approaching riders: White, Amber (riders behind), Green (solo/last rider) and Flashing Amber (caution).


  • LED Signal light changes color mode.
  • Includes a switch to change modes.
  • Signals other riders on the trail.
  • Mode 1 white running light (default mode).
  • Mode 2 amber (left side only) : Riders behind
  • Mode 3 green (left side only) : Solo rider/end of group
  • Mode 4 both sides flash amber : Caution/hazardous situation
  • Compatible with flexible, transparent, Dark Smoke or XL handguards.
  • Retains stock color cap.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Requires Retrofit Harness (860202740) for installation on REV Gen4."


  • REV Gen5
  • REV Gen4
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