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Noco Genius Battery Charger 1 AMP

Noco Genius Battery Charger 1 AMP

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Developed to maintain batteries in vehicles not in constant use and stored over lengthy periods of time.


  • Charges/maintains lead acid and lithium-ion batteries (see specification chart)
  • Start voltage sensor detects dead batteries as low as 1 volt
  • Force mode allows manual charging of extremely dead batteries (down to 0 volts)
  • Built-in battery desulfation mode to recover worn-out batteries (Genius 5/Genius 10)
  • Smart indicators quickly detect when the battery charger is connected in reverse polarity, connected to an incompatible battery, or if the battery is failing
  • Detachable clamps for permanent charging cable installation
  • Genius 2D has vehicle direct mount option (includes mounting bracket and strap)
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