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Honda Snowblower Scraper Bar for HS828 & HS928 Models

Honda Snowblower Scraper Bar for HS828 & HS928 Models

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We have brand new Genuine Honda scraper bar for many Honda HS828 and HS928 series snowblowers. This bar is the cutting edge that bolts into the rear of the auger housing and the Honda part number for this item is 76713-768-000 (a similar part is shown above). Replace the worn-out scraper bar on your Honda and be ready for the next storm!

This is a special order kit that typically ships in about 5 business days.


  • HS828 type TAS
  • HS828K1 type TA
  • HS828K1 type TA/A
  • HS828K1 type TA/B
  • HS828K1 type TA/C
  • HS828K1 type TAS
  • HS828K1 type TAS/A
  • HS828K1 type TAS/B
  • HS828K1 type TAS/C
  • HS828K1 type WA
  • HS828K1 type WA/A
  • HS828K1 type WA/B
  • HS828K1 type WA/C
  • HS828K1 type WAS
  • HS828K1 type WAS/A
  • HS828K1 type WAS/B
  • HS928 type TA
  • HS928 type TA/A
  • HS928 type TAS
  • HS928 type TAS/A
  • HS928 type WA
  • HS928 type WA/A
  • HS928 type WAS
  • HS928 type WAS/A
  • HS928K1 type TA
  • HS928K1 type TAS
  • HS928K1 type WA
  • HS928K1 type WAS
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