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Honda Snowblower Carburetor for HS828K1 & HS928 Models

Honda Snowblower Carburetor for HS828K1 & HS928 Models

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We have brand new genuine Honda carburetor and two mounting gaskets (gaskets not shown) for many Honda HS828K1 and HS928 model snowblowers. The Honda part number for this carburetor is 16100-ZE2-J41 and it is a stock replacement for all the models listed below.

If you are not COMPLETELY certain as to the exact model and type of your Honda, please contact us with your complete serial number before making your purchase. We will be happy to verify what you need.

Replace your faulty carburetor and keep your Honda running strong!

This is a special order item that typically ships in about 5 business days.


  • HS828K1 type TA/A
  • HS828K1 type TA/B
  • HS828K1 type TA/C
  • HS828K1 type TAS/A
  • HS828K1 type TAS/B
  • HS828K1 type TAS/C
  • HS828K1 type WA/A
  • HS828K1 type WA/B
  • HS828K1 type WA/C
  • HS828K1 type WAS/A
  • HS828K1 type WAS/B
  • HS928 type TA
  • HS928 type TA/A
  • HS928 type TAS
  • HS928 type TAS/A
  • HS928 type WA
  • HS928 type WA/A
  • HS928 type WAS
  • HS928 type WAS/A
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