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Engine Ice Hi-Performance SXS / ATV Coolant

Engine Ice Hi-Performance SXS / ATV Coolant

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Crafted to cater to the unique demands of SXS & UTV machines, Engine Ice Hi-Performance SXS/ATV Coolant + Antifreeze is specifically designed to enhance the performance of high-powered SXS and ATVs.

Formulated with precision, it ensures exceptional heat dispersion, thereby sustaining optimal operating temperatures while providing excellent corrosion protection. Engine Ice provides a safeguard against boil-over up to 259°F and freeze protection down to -24°F, ensuring coverage in a wide range of temperatures. Its user-friendly 1/2 gallon bottle simplifies its use, prediluted to save valuable time during coolant changes. Opt for Engine Ice for your next coolant switch for unparalleled performance and convenience.


  • Engineered to provide superior heat dispersion to maintain optimum operating temperature and reduce power loss from excess heat
  • A biodegradable, phosphate free, & non-toxic propylene-glycol based antifreeze and coolant
  • Right out of the bottle it is ready to provide you with dependable horsepower with a long track record of reducing operating temperatures in a wide range of vehicles
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Pre-mixed to save you time
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