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Emgo Universal 7/8" Handlebar Risers 1"

Emgo Universal 7/8" Handlebar Risers 1"

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Emgo aluminum universal 7/8" handlebar riser kit! Raise your handlebar from 5mm - 25mm! Comes included with stackable plates and various length bolts!

Emgo universal 7/8" handlebar risers are super easy to install and use! Get your handlebar situated so that you could ride with comfort and confidence!

  • Allows the rider to easily tune the height of handlebars
  • Can raise the height of the handlebar in 5mm increments with a maximum height increase of 25mm
  • For 7⁄8" diameter handlebars
  • Machined aluminum

Note: Please be aware of your cable lengths with the added height! Make sure that you have enough slack on your cables.

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