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Bite Harder Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light

Bite Harder Snowmobile Helmet Safety Light

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  • 3 color options BLUE, GREEN, & AMBER.
  • High helmet light mount location provides excellent visibility reducing accidents.
    • Superior clarity even when your snowmobile’s tail light is covered with snow and ice.
    • Allows riders behind you to always know your location.
  • Super bright LED technology provides over 200 lumens of light.
  • Be seen in all riding conditions including: snow dust, snow storms, fog, darkness and daylight.
  • Simple installation:
    • Design uses the same integral power block for your power cord connection, eliminating cable strain and providing power to both your heated shield and the helmet safety light.
    • Use your existing electric shield’s wiring, or purchase the “Helmet Accessory Power Cord” for optimal performance.
    • Components mount easily using high quality adhesive backing.
    • Adhesive backed (3M) wire-routing-clips are also included.
    • Check state and provincial regulations for possible color restrictions.
  • Helmet safety lights provide the ultimate in safety and visibility both on and off the trail.
  • Made from the highest quality components available – fully warrantied.
  • Convenience, innovation, safety and performance just what you expect from BITEHARDER
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