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Yamaha Snosport 125 Track Stud Kit

Yamaha Snosport 125 Track Stud Kit

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We offer offer carbide track stud kits for all Yamaha Sno-sports. These kits come with appropriately sized 3/4 inch long 60° carbide tipped studs, mounting nuts, and aluminum backing plates in kits of 24 or 48 so you can get some serious traction. The included studs are just long enough to add traction but not tear up the track guard, unless that part is broken and dangling, in which case these studs will shred it to bits! To the left, we have provided a couple diagrams showing how we recommend installing the two kits.

If you're looking for serious bite, add a pair of the carbide ski wear bars or our C&A plastic ski kit (listed above) to your order and your Sport will feel like it's on rails!

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