2023 New Hampshire Grass Drags ... WHAT?

2023 New Hampshire Grass Drags ... WHAT?

So what is a grass drag exactly? 

It's a three-day powersports extravaganza held annually during Columbus Day weekend by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. The event sees over 45,000 attendees over the three days in Fremont, NH. Bringing together spectators and competitors alike vying for top spots in events such as the snowmobile grass drags (couldn't be more on the nose), watercross racing, rave-x freestyle and lawn mower racing. This event over the years has taken on a cult following all on its own, and we love it! 

We teamed up with MOMs this year and brought a bunch of cool things! From the latest snow gear, side by sides, ATV and of course a bunch of sleds our team was in full force! The weather could have cooperated a little bit better, but you couldn't tell from these faces that was the case. If you missed out on our booth this year you can always stop in the store and check out the sleds and gear!

Don't miss next year though -- because you'll want to see a snowmobile hauling tail across a pond with the possibility of sinking! 

Freedomcycle and the MOMs Crew
Snow gear selection
Booth display
Sleds, ATV
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