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Heat Demon

Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Heated Grips

Ski-Doo Mini Z 120 Heated Grips

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We stock Heat Demon heated handlebar grip kits for all 1998-2008 Ski-doo Mini-Z snowmobiles. The grips themselves go on the handlebars in place of the stock hand grips and have locking clamp collars built in so you don't require additional glue. This kit includes a 3-position control switch (high/low/off) and will extend the handlebars on your snowmobile by about 1.25" per side. As the grips have a rigid core, the additional length is not a problem.

*Due to the low 25 watt output of the factory lighting coil on the Mini-Z, the headlight will have to be turned off when this kit is in use. Otherwise, they just don't become warm.

When installing this kit, connect the positive lead of the heated grips to the positive headlight power wire going to the dimmer switch. This information is omitted from the included installation instructions.

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